Concorso internazionale Parco del colle Bellaria e Antenna/Landmark (Salerno) # Honorable Mention


“a Landmark 90 meters high on the hilltop,  energetically sustainable and fully recyclable, with a smart wind indicator system, clearly visible from the sea”

The aim of the project is the construction of a new telecommunications tower. An architectural landmark synthetic and minimal, barycentre of the future Park of Colle di Bellaria.
The tower is configured, as well as an element of telecommunication, as large collector and generator of clean energy. The kWh produced by the wind turbine at the top (10 kW) and 400 square meters of photovoltaic cells arranged on the curved surface which follows the course of the sun from east to west, will support the operating costs of the tower and part of the surrounding park.

designed with Francesco Piffari


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