Chaumont sur Loire , “Festival des jardins 2000” – Mente la menta? # 1st Prize



“…In the centre is a round, empty space : the absence of a theme for the “Festival des jardins 2000” becomes a spur for us to express our vision of the new millennium. Our idea of “future” relies on four elements (the water basin , the raft,the  net, the water mint ) that coexist, expressing both distrust and optimism…”

Designed by a group of architects and landscape architects (Marco Antonini, Gianna Attiani, Roberto Capecci, Daniela Mongini and Raffaella Sini) that had teamed up for that particular competition, is a circular raft floating on a water basin, sorrounded by  the “cushions” of net where grows the water mint plants (Mentha aquatica) that diffuses a strong deep perfume.


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