Tuscany Country Houses & Landscaping


 “We are not interested in branding but in the project’s overall consistency. We imagine the lives and relationships the project will house. We’re interested in designing architecture around the people who will use it; architecture with character, capable of stimulating end-users. We design projects whose character is not that of the designer but the work itself. To this aim, every project can ‘speak’ a different architectural language. Each new site and context represents a genuine stimulus and merits the best-suited language of  architectural expression…”

In the period from 2004 to 2011, the firm has worked on the design and construction of the three country houses  in Tuscany, TC01/ TC02 / TC03. Located near the picturesque village of Capalbio, in the Tuscan Maremma, the houses have been designed each with their own characteristics, while maintaining the flavor of the countryside in which they arise. Designed according to the principles of ecological design, these projects aim to integrate architecture with the specific features of the landscape that surrounds them. TC01 is the home of a farming community spread, with facilities for tourists. TC02 is a private house surrounded by a forest of 10 hectares wide. TC03 is a an existing  villa in which has been designed the new surrounding Mediterranean garden where you can find traces of ancient olive groves.

TC03 is designed with Marco Antonini Architect


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