Poveglia University Island Competion – Venezia



The project was produced by a multidisciplinary team that is willing to reflect on the contradictions of the economic scenario of globalization and post-globalization. Its intent is to create a community of knowledge, where elaborating, proposing and practicing alternative forms of civil life based on the concept of democracy, solidarity, sustainability, culture, beauty and wealth redistribution.


Poveglia Island, being part of the Venetian lagoon horizon, will preserve what has been until now its main image: the appearance of a real mirage. The idea of our team defines itself in its own progressive achievement: an urban tissue that has its genesis in the Venetian townscape and similarly evolves and defines over time.


The choice of building types and materials guarantees flexibility and convertibility aiming at a final state in which we believe the amount of new built spaces, albeit lower than those provided in the competition guidelines, are sufficient to achieve our program and objectives.



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