“…in 1992, convinced of the crucial relationship between architecture and landscape architecture, we decided to pool our areas of expertise…”

Publication for the 20th anniversary of Anselmi Attiani


Anselmi Attiani & P., was founded in 1992 by Federico Anselmi and Gianna Attiani. The firm is dedicated to  balancing architectural design with urban design and landscape architecture from  project initiation onwards. The firm coordinates with various other design disciplines in order to support its clients in all phases of design, construction supervision, testing and safety on construction sites, in the architectural, structural and engineering field.

The firm pays particular attention to sustainable design, promoting bio-architecture. Several architects are member of ANAB (National Association of Bio-ecological Architecture) and possess the qualification of bio-building Technical Diploma issued by (IBN) Institutfür Oekologie Baubiologie + Neubeuem SIB Interessengemeinschaftfür Schweizerische Baubiologie/ Bauökologie and ANAB. The architects are also visiting professors at the Faculty of Architecture of Rome, in courses of Architectural and Environmental Design. The Architects have participated in national and international competitions, winning several prizes and have published design projects, writings and essays in various international books and magazines.