Villa Umberto – guest quarters of the Mounted Police in Villa Borghese


“…with experience we’ve learned  greater dexterity in using a new vocabulary every time. For us it’s almost a question of professional ethics, respectfully measuring our work against the various genre available to an architect. Just like a writer or musician, an architect can compare his work to other styles and expressive tropes, interpreting and if necessary changing some of aspects. This can only succeed when it’s based on an in-depth knowledge of the grammar and syntax of the language you decide to use. And this knowledge is acquired with time…” 

Renovation and landscaping of the old stables of the Villa Umberto, today used as refreshment place for the club of the mounted police. Inserted in the complex of Villa Borghese, in the heart of Rome, the project is based on careful use of materials and colors, giving an amazing  and unexpected historical dignity to places abandoned by time.



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