Villino Titta Ruffo – Landscaping


“…  Contrast and cross referencing are also key in our landscape architecture projects. For a garden in Rome’s Parioli neighborhood the design had to match the formality of the 1920s villa. Our first iteration used a minimalist language, playing on the dissonance created between house and garden. In the final design however we entrusted the starring role to planting material, choosing to mediate instead of contrast. Paving, hardscape and outdoor furnishings create a base for a formal scheme of topiary art, acting as material counterpoint to the building’s historical style..”

Design and construction of the new garden that surrounds Villa Titta-Ruffo, a building dating from 1919 situated in one of the most fascinating areas of Rome. After a few years of neglect, the project focused on the rescue of the specimens of Pinus Pinea and palm trees. Using the materials of the Roman tradition, has been rebuilt the old Limonaia and the garden of aromatic plants. The guiding idea was to create a measured contrast between the elements of traditional landscape and those of the contemporary, like the new swimming pool and an area equipped for outdoor events.



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