Green Boulevards – parkways for the third millennium # 1st Prize



“The project was for a new smart highway that could produce energy, reducing its impact on the landscape. We then asked a researcher what the cleanest most sustainable sources of energy were, also in terms of the materials themselves. The small wind turbines, and especially photovoltaic energy sources without silicon, that were being developed at the center, became our ‘instruments of creation’ for the large energy producing structure the jury awarded the top prize. In all kinds of weather our highway creates energy from the movement of the vehicles. However, not only the renewable energy sources were important; the materials had to be compatible with the landscape, and the green barriers adapted to the different environments along the highway.…”

A geodetic steel grid’s arched frame – equipped for the use of clean energy technology like CGIS solar panels and small wind turbines – also has noise protection panels and with the addition of mass planting and swaths of ground cover the site is reconnected to the surrounding landscape.



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