Palazzo Antici Mattei Interior Restoration


The restoration project takes care of a hall and an adjoining room inside Centro Studi Americani, on the “noble” floor of Antici Mattei Palace (1566-1622) in Via Michelangelo Caetani 32, Rome.

The architectural survey has brought out the elements of degradation and alteration while the stratigraphic investigation has completed this analysis highlighting interesting elements, not naturally perceptible to a first observation.

The restoration project mainly aims at restoring degradation and changes that have occurred over time.

These works consisted of the restoration of the floor of the room annexed to the hall through the replacement of all the flooring that involves this room and the bathroom, with hand-glazed and glazed terracotta tiles, the reconstruction of the plaster of the room, the restoration of the decorations on the stone jambs, the safety of the electrical system and the cleaning of stone and plastered surfaces not affected by the work.


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